How can I know that your travel agents' registration number is genuine? Answer
Answer: You can find further information about us as folowing:
1. Our International tour operator license was issued by VNAT - Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - the governmental office of tourism of Vietnam. This license is a certification of Hainam Travel’s bond at an approved bank to guarantee financial security in respect of customers’ advanced payments as well as the quality of travel services.
For further information, you can check with VNAT - Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (a governmental office of tourism of Vietnam). Please mail to: [email protected] or call at +84 3944 7571
2. We're also members of following Associations in Vietnam: Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) and Vietnam Society of Travel Agents (VISTA) (it's in Vietnamese but you can see us and our Head Office information there):

You can also compare the international tour operator number on those site and the one of our website:
3. We can put you in touch with a couple of our previous clients so you can contact them to learn more about us. If you prefer this option, we will ask for their permission first and then send you the contact details.
4. Once you book services with us, you can send an email to our partner/ suppliers and find out if your services have been booked by us or not.

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