Dietary Foods Onboard

Dietary Foods Onboard
All overnight cruises will make every single effort to accommodate your special dietary needs to make your stay on their junk totaly enjoyed. The only thing to keep in mind is to let us know of your dietary needs at the time of booking so that the cruise kitchen team can have ample time to meet your request.
Vegetarian: as vegetarian you will be served vegetable-filled meals with legumes and grain as well. However, keep in mind that some soup, although no meat is included, still has trace of animal product in the seasoning process.

: what a pity you can’t join us tasting the wonderful fresh seafood caught from the ocean. No worry! The seafood-free meals prepared on board combining both Western and Asian style will delight you as well.

Lactose-allergic: most Vietnamese food does not contain cheese or milk so you will not have a hard time with this special need.

Gluten-free: bread is often served in the morning on board, you may just skip it and go for the eggs and rice instead.
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