Halong Bay Weather in August

Halong Bay Weather in August
Throughout the month of August daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 32°C that's about 90°F. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 25°C, that's 77°F. In recent times the highest recorded temperature in August has been 40°C that's 103°F, with the lowest recorded temperature 21°C, about 70°F.

The average daily relative humidity for August is around 88%.The average monthly amount of precipitation has been recorded at around 210 mm, that's 8 inches. Throughout the month you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 14 days of the month.

The average daily wind speed in August has been around 7 km/h, that’s the equivalent to about 5 mph, or 4 knots. In recent years the maximum sustained wind speed has reached 76 km/h, that’s the equivalent of around 47 mph, or 41 knots.Given average maximum temperatures and humidity levels you can expect dangerous heat conditions. Sunstroke, muscle cramps and heat exhaustion are likely. Heatstroke is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity (see heat index for more information).

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